Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Black and the Grey

Some times there really seems to be more black and grey than the white in the world around us. Its our strength and faith and sight for the light that keeps us wearing the world on our sleeve.

This bracelet is made of Swarovski crystals and have a dangling cross charm. The black colour scheme contrast perfectly with fair skin and the dangling charm adds femininity to the wearer. The crystals reflect light perfectly and glitters subtlely in the dark.

Winter rose

The pink silver foil beads make me think of a rose frozen in ice. The land it lay on is dark and cold and it is frozen in its beauty surround by snow and ice.


A paradox of the steely feel of the metal rings and the soft shimmer of pearls. The world is full of paradox.

Key of Glamour

Key to glamour give the feeling of Glam from the mix of multi faceted beads and pearls. The cluster with amber coloured glass bead sway with the movement of the wearer's hand or can detach from the bracelot for a more understated design.

Material Girl

She is strong and knows how dressing and gems enhance her appeal. But somewhere deep inside, she retains her innocence and purity of heart. A girl living in the material world.
The bags and high heels, purple and burgundy beads represent the material possessions. In the cluster of beads, the pink crystals and white pearl are the purity and innocence that still lies in her heart and the black crystal represents worldly outlook and sophistication.


The purple jewels shine like gems under the sun light, the leaves and vines intertwine. The earth it grew on promises the aroma of the wine to come.
Made of deep purple acrylic beads, swarovski crystals dark metal charms, and flower and vine toggle clasp, this bracelet is one of my favourite. I love how the leave charms fall and the way the dark purple beads refract light around it.

A girls playground

A girls playground is the world. Diamonds and Travelling and all things cute. The sky is the limit. Silver piece with Blue fire polish beads and metal alloy charms.